Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much DNA do you require for inclusions?
A: DNA required for inclusions:
10 ml double bagged and sent in a bubble envelope. Preferably not frozen as it will thaw and sweat in the bag. Any milk can be sent expired or fresh.

1 Teaspoon for small items and 1 Tablespoon for larger items. Any excess will be returned with the finished product.

1.5 inches of hair preferably tied. Seal inside plastic bag and then inside another plastic bag and sent in small bubble envelope. If sending with breastmilk or ashes with the hair please double bag in individual bags and ship in same bubble envelope.

About a 1-inch square piece for small inclusions, and a 3”x 3” for larger pieces.

These can be crushed or whole depending on the size of the item it will be included in.

Umbilical cord / Placenta
These MUST be dried; placenta capsules are preferred for placenta inclusions.

Q: How should inclusions be packaged for shipping?
A: All inclusions MUST be sealed in a plastic bag, put inside another plastic bag and also
sealed, then sent in a bubble envelope WITH TRACKING. If you are sending more than one inclusion to be added please make sure that each inclusion is double bagged on its own and sealed inside the envelope.

Q: How should items be shipped?
A: Please make sure that items are sent with a tracking number, we are not responsible for packages that are misplaced during shipping. Please send items double bagged and placed inside a bubble envelope to help protect the item during shipping from damage and unwanted moisture.

Q: Can I wear my jewelry in water?
A: While occasional hand washing is OK, we do not recommend wearing jewelry while doing dishes, showering or swimming.

Q: Will you ship internationally?
A: Yes we will ship internationally, please contact for special quote. We are not responsible for duties or fees.

Q: Are there refunds or returns?
A: Due to the nature of the items we are unable to offer returns or exchanges. We will do our best to work with you to correct any concerns. All sale are final.

Q: How do I clean my jewelry?
A: Mix a mild liquid soap with warm water in a bowl to create a foamy solution
Dip jewelry in bowl, take out and rub with soft cloth, rubbing all surfaces
Gently rinse with warm water and dry with soft cloth.

Q: What if I lose my DNA stone?
A: An extra stone is sent with each piece just in case you need a replacement. If needed you can send back the extra stone with the setting, and the stone will be reset at no cost.

Q: Will the rings turn your finger green?
A: Any item that is “PLATED” (rose or yellow gold “plated”) will always rub overtime with wear.